The Sonic Hearts

the sonic hearts
Music from Britain will never cease to befuddle me. The good and the bad is continually washed out, washed away by the hyped and over-exposed and trendy. I'm not sure how the audiences over there can keep on top of it all and genuinely keep their interest whet ... but they managed, so more props to 'em!

The Sonic Hearts (MySpace) are a group that, to me, seems to surpass such patterns, though (I enjoy this stuff for being unique and separate). The Liverpool five-piece has a knack for moody melodies, heartwarming lyrics and harmonies, and an overall especially endearing and sincere lo-fi foundation that they build up from, fill out, and energize.

It's as though the Orange Juice/Aztec Camera guys got a bigger budget, an organ, and wanted something a little more summer-y, even cuter.
Hey -- I fell for it. What about you all?
the Sonic Hearts - When You're In Love (demo)