Citay (MySpace) plays what is, in the truest sense, your stereotypical folksy, psych-rock from San Francisco. The most genuine, sincere, and endearing; the sweetest rhythm guitar-driven melodies and serene flute and simple, flowing orchestral lines.
Every once in a while, Citay breaks a little more free, whipping out the electric guitars, repeating the refrain and chorus with more vigor and energy, and occasionally throwing in more unusual elements (for psych-rock) some beach-y harmonies and baroque-ish guitar noodling.

Anyway. The group recently joined Dead Oceans and -- I'd assume -- is prepping something ...
Originally the studio project of Ezra Feinberg, Citay has evolved into a full-fledged eight piece band who have performed alongside like-minded space travelers such as Vetiver, Six Organs of Admittance, the Fucking Champs, and Danava.
Citay - Seasons Don't Fear the Year
Citay - Nice Cuffs