Fresh Fried Fries

fresh fried fries
The other day, I wrote about Ham Burgaz ...
Now I've discovered one of his Victoria, Canada DJ comrades, Fresh Fried Fries.

Makes sense, eh? Fries and a hamburger. I mean ... some Ham Burgaz with a side of Fresh Fried Fries.

Anyway, this guy's good. Stylistically, he holds quite a lot in common with Ham Burgaz: super quick-cut and edited dance music that's been mashed-up to death. At a time when I'm really, really tired of Girl Talk, stuff like this seems oddly fresh even though it's essentially the same. I think it's partially because people still like music that's recognizable -- that's half the fun of mash-ups! -- but there's a new tendency to dance to music that'll literally give you what appears to be epileptic seizures ...

So Fresh Fried Fries and Ham Burgaz are awesome for that reason.
I'm not sure how old either of the dudes are, but I'm assuming their reasonably young, which just makes their uber-agile skills all the more impressive. These guys have chops that most DJs wish they had but are still hammering away at. Many, many props from me ...
Fresh Fried Fries - Throw It Back (Slim Thug / Bass Is Kicking)
Fresh Fried Fries - Daft Wamp (The Clipse / Da Funk)
Fresh Fried Fries - Younger Bloodz (Young Bloodz / Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger)
Fresh Fried Fries - Overnight Justice (Twista/ Waters Of Nazareth)