the embassy
While Service Records' the Embassy has been around for a while in Sweden -- and reaped some success, I should add! -- they've yet to full break through in America. Just like the Tough Alliance, their music goes unnoticed on this side of the Atlantic!

The Embassy has this awesome, warming quality to their stuff. It's electronic dance music -- with a clear New Order throwback in there -- but summery and light. Literally the perfect dance music for this hot season!

If you download this track, "Some Indulgence," don't be surprised by how similar to the Tough Alliance it sounds: the tune was recorded and produced by Björn Olsson/TTA. In fact, in April, the single was released with a TTA b-side ... you can buy the thing here.

Hopefully this little preview of how spectacular the group is will tide you over until you are willing to shell out the bucks for the import or until the LP, Tacking, finally gets released stateside! We've been waiting too long ... !
Embassy - Some Indulgence


Anonymous said…
yes, embassy is a great band, have you heard other songs by them?
Anonymous said…
Just to add that The Embassy are kind of godfathers for TTA (first single out in 2001) and Olsson is from The Soundtrack of Our Lives. And yes they were great, they are great and they will be great in 09 (new album to be released)