Anyone or any group that places a tremendous emphasis on the conceptual framework of their product always intrigues me. Whether it's the way in which a new good is marketed or the intrigue of the historical background or the multitude of references, I'm a sucker for the mystical and high-brow.

St. Paul's Amasser, then, is the perfect band for me. Here's a snippet from the lovely press message I received from the group:
The goal was always to arrive at structured songs, but most of the sounds discovered during the process were more or less spontaneous. Amassing tracks in this way – following instinct and curiosity – meant committing to a moment's vitality.

Cool? They're music lives up to the hype they developed themselves. The songs of the LP, Legal Wall, are an ethereal blend of pop-structured electronic experimental binges with a twist of shoegaze and post-punk. There's an organic underlying form to everything, but the robotic beats and supplemental synthetic melodies make for a very interesting mixture and sublime combination; the sweet and the harsh; the cold and restrained with the warm and free.

Check it out below! Cool stuff, I'd say!
Amasser - Kilo Binge
Amasser - Data Clip Rig
Amasser - Persona System