Spokane (MySpace) is a wonderful Jagjaguwar band, currently prepping for the release of Little Hours, the sort-of-duo's fifth full-length.

The Richmond, Virginia band's album is an atypical summer release ... all muggy, folksy, and atmospheric in quality, depressing in lyrical content, and rather dark and eerie overall. If you're looking for a pick me up, Spokane is not the band to look to.

That being said, though, the album's fantastic. The sound is so reserved, so hesitant, so cautiously beautiful. No beat, no note is lacking this nervous, yet deliberate sound ... it's as though every song is on the verge of falling apart, but with the extreme concentration and wherewithal that Spokane have, everything's seamlessly strung together.

So get the album after being hooked in by "Thankless Marriage," a wonderful track plopped right in the middle of the album. Wonderfully depressing and sad, but oh so warm and calming ...
Spokane - Thankless Marriage