Go Go Charlton

go go charlton
Go Go Charlton (MySpace) is a very new, very sexy four-piece from Paris, France. If you're looking for a sort of loungier, ballad-y version of the Strokes, Go Go Charlton is the band you need to start listening to!

Just look at their names! Olivier, Guillaume, Nicolas, Stobal! You can't get a whole lot cooler than these lads!
And, fittingly, this is how they describe themselves:
Inspired by English surroundings Go Go Charlton smells like the cigarettes that you share, the beer that you drop when toasting and some noble sweat: the sweat emitted by warmth of friends. In UK it could have been a Manchester pub where New Order or The Smiths played for fun. In France it would be Patrick Dewaere negligently laughing on a soccer field. But it's mostly about music, about friends staying up late and about some heroic gigs.

Sonically, they're not anything too new, but they're a lot of fun, and that's what's got me interested. In a time of musical stagnation in France -- unless you're looking to dance to Justice and the imitators -- Go Go Charlton is fresh and good news, so check out the single "Your Son" and enjoy them as much as I am!
Go Go Charlton - Your Son