HEALTH Remixed by CFCF

The spectacular L.A.-based noise quartet, HEALTH (MySpace) -- which I really just can't get enough of, I must add -- was recently remixed by a plethora of awesome artists -- from Curses! to Crystal Castles (okay, so that's an older one) -- with many more to come.

The first of these I've heard is CFCF's remix of "Triceratops," and man is it killer, killer, killer. The Quebec native has given the original track a super glitzy 80s Night Rider ride that is very not ironic to me and just terribly fun and dance-y for some reason.

The original track is hidden deep down in there, but there's just enough of it to count as a legit remix, and certainly, HEALTH should be eternally grateful for such awesome acts ... without guys like CFCF, they would be forever confined to the walls of seedy L.A. clubs and crappy venues. Check out the remix and another new CFCF track below! (Update: the CFCF remix is the final version!)
HEALTH - Triceratops (CFCF Remix)
Apache Beat - Tropics (CFCF Remix)


Dwix said…
CFCF has a ravy style.
I think I will post an other remix of Tropics this month
Anonymous said…
Wow. HEALTH linked to you from their MySpace now I totally want to jock your post (and give you some credit).

CFCF doing HEALTH is like hot people having hot sex and HEALTH got knocked up.

I wanted to see HEALTH play at The Smell last night, but didn't go again! Went to the Shannyn Sossomon party where I'm pretty sure she was a no show, but it was fun anyway. </tangent>
Anonymous said…
P.S. The sidebar link to your group just links to the URL and not to your specific group. I was gunsta join that shizz.