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Let's see if this goes anywhere.
I've been itching to post some older stuff for ages now. I used to do it, but it's been a while ... recently I've been dwelling only on the new stuff, and I wish to remember the older. Certainly, I don't just listen to day-old tunes ... in fact, I frequently go back to the oldies and classics, songs from my childhood and younger years, tracks that bring back memories and feelings ...

Enough with the sappy, here's an old one.
Oddly enough, Plastics' album Welcome Back was the first LP I ever owned. I think I simultaneously received the complete Yellow Magic Orchestra discography (pre-1983), but Plastics was on top. What a fantastic band. Even more strange, I got the vinyl from the contractor who was redoing our kitchen and living room ...

I dove into my father's post-punk catalogs, magazines, books, and record collection after hearing Y.M.O. and Plastics, so clearly, this Japanese five-piece has a very, very special place in my heart. Everyone compares them to the B-52s -- which is well founded! -- but I think Plastics may have released something before the B-52s ever did ...
Check me on that one?

Tycoon Tosh was the mastermind behind Plastics. After the band disjointed, he went on to form Watermelon, Melon, and many other fabulous groups, all of similar quality and style. In fact, he even did something with Maki Nomiya (from P5) and others ... appropriately named Plastic Sex.

Read all you'd ever want to know about Plastics and anything related here.
Anyway, enjoy these songs.
Plastics - Diamond Head
Plastics - Top Secret Man
Plastics - Copy

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Blogger Mr Rossy said...

This is fucking amazing, i love it !!! You really owned this as your 1st record, bloody hell !!
Mine was Kylie or Michael Jackson or something, ha !!

Blogger nik mercer said...

there needs to be a distinguisher between vinyl LP and CD here, though ...
although i was 12 or somewhere around there, my CD collection was shit ...

still, it was a very cool thing to get when i was 12.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try to get that 1st Japanese album - Welcome Plastics. It's much better than Welcome Back!

Anonymous Charles said...

Thanks for posting!
The B-52's released their first 7" in 1978, before The Plastics.
In fact, the legend states that the Plastics were discovered by David Byrne, who sent their demo to the B-52's manager.
In 1981, Moichi Kuwahara produced the project Snakeman Show. Kate, Cindy and Keith (from The B-52's) were guests on 2 tracks: "I will call you" and "Honey Dew".

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