I love a concept band, and the Parisian group, Turzi is one hell of such a group ...
Fronted by Romain Turzi -- officially the rest of the band is named Reich IV -- the prog/kraut-rock improvisational ensemble is the product of many, many repeated hearings of the entire Can discography, plenty of Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa, some Neu!, and a good deal of early Kraftwerk. Imagine a spacier, more ethereal version of Liars, transplanted back in time say, around 1969. Perhaps that'll give you some semblance of an ideas as to who Turzi and Reich IV are ...

Romain Turzi was born in Versailles in 1979. A French mother and an Italian father from Calabria. His studies at the Sorbonne helped him discover all the record stores in the vicinity of the university. He held a couple of temporary job at record stores before deciding to pursue music full time. A will be released at the same time as the birth of his first child.

The debut album will be released on September 4 on Kemado Records, and is literally dripping with concept. The fourteen tracks all have titles that begin with the letter "A," from "Animal Signal" to "Acid Taste" to "Allah Delon" (any ideas?). Obviously, the LP is entitled A. There's no way that I'm going to be adequately able to explain how ridiculously cool Turzi is, so I advise you just read the over-the-top bio (?) right here in order to get a deeper look into the bizarre inner workings of the mind of Turzi ...
So strange. Man I'm enchanted, though ...
Turzi - Afghanistan

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