Clique Talk Remix Thives Like Us

I wonder how many of you have click on the Thieves Like Us (MySpace) "Drugs In My Body" remix contest banner on the right of this page ...

But if you're looking for your ticket to stardom, an opportunity's come knocking on your door! Kitsune Records will digitally release the best "Drugs In My Body" remix they get before the deadline of November 15.

BBBD favorite Clique Talk did a very good remix of the two-thirds-Swedish-one-third-American-by-way-of-Paris trio's hit single that's definitely worth checking out. I hope it's selected as the winner ...

Unlike Thieves Like Us' usual Factory-Records-meets-Cut-Copy New Wave tunes, the remix is a brooding, cavernous, atmospheric club night come-down. (Day of the hyphenated phrases, eh?) A solid remix of a solid song.

Thieves Like Us - Drugs In My Body

Thieves Like Us - Drugs In My Body (Clique Talk Remix)

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Blogger Aidan said...

We're currently working on a remix of this track. It's just in its final stages of mixing!

Blogger molostudio said...

so am I, it's been lots of fun. www.myspace.com/molomonster

Blogger Sydney said...

same here. first remix i've ever done, hopefully of many more in the future.

Blogger Aidan said...

Check out our remix at:


haha, the word verification code is 'whets'.


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