Mystic Mountains

Mystic Mountains is a Melbourne-based trio that represent the culminating response to Crystal Castles and that whole game-chip-generated electronic music. While Mystic Mountains play stuff that's a little less raunchy, a little more pop in structure, and a little more melodious than Crystal Castles and those affiliated with that "movement," the parallels are undeniable.

"CCCTTTT" actually is a hipster mash-up of a Crystal Castles track and the Teenagers' "Scarlett Johansson" (coincidence that I just posted about the Teenagers?) that's actually quite good.

Hey, if I lived in Australia, I'd be down with these dudes, out at every show. Why not. Solid act. Check out a handful of tracks below ... and from what I understand, there's only more goodness in store!

Mystic Mountains - CCCTTTT

Mystic Mountains - Dungeons

Mystic Mountains - Kuato


Anonymous said…
They can't take Magic Spells and title it like it's their own, Magic Spells isn't even released yet. This should be called "Crystal Castles vs Teenagers - Mash-up by Mystic Mountain". By the way Castles and Teenagers are touring together right now.
Anonymous said…
why dont you just shut the fuck up, its music, and its a really good mashup too