Panda Riot

Panda Riot (MySpace) is this absolutely wonderful shoegaze outfit from Chicago. It's shoegaze with a little less distortion and a little more pop twists smeared all over. The hooks are cleaner, the vocals less distorted, the guitars less fuzzy and atmospheric, but this is definitely shoegaze at its core.

If you were down with Asobi Seksu, then I'd say Panda Riot is right up your alley. Contagious melodies, beautiful singing, a great rhythm section -- an overall super collective and tight band. And like I said, there's just enough distortion and wall-of-sound noise in there to get the My Bloody Valentine juices flowing.

Click on the homepage picture and you'll be directed to a page with a plethora of ordering options for the new album, She Dares All Things (which, while I've not heard in its entirety, I'm assuming is fantastic, so check out a couple tunes below to get the gist of the whole).

Panda Riot - Like Flowers at Night

Panda Riot - She Dares All Things


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very nice