Whitey @ On the Rox, 11.05.07

Whitey has been to N. America for something like three tours in the past year, a pretty high number considering he's not the "buzz" name like Justice or something. But he's continually pulled in quite a crowd, no matter what the venue size, and now has a new album, Stay On the Outside, coming out sometime in early 2008. No, Great Shakes is no longer being released as the LP was leaked too early and lost all viability as a worthwhile musical pursuit. (That's not to say Whitey's all about the money, but you can't expect him to tour with a record that won't sell to a crowd that heard the material a year before its official release.)

Stay On the Outside, though, will feature five songs from Great Shakes so hey -- you'll all know at least half of them!

I was fortunate enough to get the chance to interview Whitey when he was in L.A., and what an interview it was. The video should be finished and up online soon, and I'll notify you all of that when it's available. In the meantime, why not listen to some of the forgotten older great songs and hell, I'll put my favorite Great Shakes song, "Cigarette," up for streaming.

Check out some of the shots we got during the interview here or after the jump. The show was fantastic, by the way.

Whitey - Cigarette

Whitey - Leave Them All Behind

Whitey - Non Stop

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