Annuals 7" Giveaway

Raleigh's Annuals (MySpace) took us by storm (no, tsunami) with their Ace Fu debut, Be He Me, and have persisted in delivering funky, psych-infused, instantly-catchy, foot stompin' indie rock tunes since. Remember how friggin' awesome "Carry Around" was? How much you absent-mindedly whistled "Complete or Completing"?

The good news is that the N. Carolina six-piece is touring the continental U.S. through November 20, and they'll be here in L.A. on Thursday (11.15.07 @ the Troubadour) ... peddling a split 7" they did with Manchester Orchestra (MySpace) no less. And we've got one of the tour-exclusive records to give away! So if you'd like to get yer grubby little hands on one, email with the subject LIFE IS NOTHING WITHOUT ANNUALS and you're address and we'll hook one lucky winner up!
The Annuals song on the split, "Where Have You Been," is actually a Manchester Orchestra song; the Manchester Orchestra song, "Brother," is a cover of one of Annuals' stand-out songs on Be He Me. Cute idea, huh?

If you're one of the unfortunate losers (although uh ... no one's a loser at BBBD), then I guess you'll just have to check them out live before they go into winter hibernation.

Annuals - Where Have You Been?

Annuals - Complete or Completing