Bangers & Cash EP Giveaway!

Since Benny Blanco and Spank Rock dropped the first track from their Bangers & Cash EP a while back, everyone and their mom's been hot to their slick, old school beats, contagious hooks, lurid lyrics, and bizarre promo artwork (a plethora of feline-headed girls with no clothes or very few on in either compromising or dangerous positions). I almost regret writing that line ... makes me sound like I'm fifty. Geez.

Anyway, we've got two (2) copies of the EP to give away, and if you would like one, just email with the subject "I WANT SPANK ROCK & BENNY BLANCO SO BAD" and provide the answer to the below questions and three of you lucky entrants will get the BBBD hook-up! Woot.
How many yards are in a mile?
Sorry -- just have to make it hard for you guys! Show me you want to win!

If you're skeptical about the release (out since October 9 on Downtown Records) -- which you really shouldn't be -- grab "B.I.T.C.H." below or just listen to the XXXclusive 5X5 Mega Mix here or stream it after the jump.

Good luck, future winners.

Bangers & Cash - B.I.T.C.H.