New Unicorns Live Material Unearthered

It's absolutely amazing to me how much Unicorns material has been discovered in the three years since the Montreal three-piece disbanded. Posthumous albums, compilations, EPs, books, etc. haven't been released or published yet (although I'm sure they're on their way), but literally a library full of stock photos, b-sides, rarities, live takes, bootlegs, lost songs, and videos has amassed in the short span of time that's transpired since Nick/Jamie and Alden split ways.

The latest addition to the ever-growing Unicorns media archive is a professional video of one of the group's final shows at a club called Rhino's in November of 2004 (had I posted this yesterday, it would've been published on the third anniversary of the show ... what timing!)

While the clips themselves are great, I was almost more excited to find that there were two new songs (to me) featured in the set: "Hanz" (which I guess had been floating around before the Rhino's bootleg) and some unknown tune that's really quite good.

The unknown new track is a super catchy "Abominable Snow"-era thrasher (look at Alden shred up his axe) while "Hanz" sounds sort of like an ode to Aztec Camera or something ... I love that jazzy bridge that pops up towards the end ... another Unicorns-penned hook of pure genius. Where did they go ...

the Unicorns - Unkown Song

the Unicorns - Hanz


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