Damn, Just Snippets

While it's generally agreed that Dim Mak founder, Steve Aoki (MySpace) ain't the best DJ out there, it's hard to argue his pop cultural importance and visionary status. Aoki's been one of the emergent voices of L.A. with his record endeavors, attempts at fashion (hmmm), and notrious club nights ... as well as just being a heavy-hitting DJ, on every guest list within a fifty mile radius, and a pop icon that few will ever parallel.

By now it's pretty much common knowledge that he's got a mix tape LP, Pillow Face & His Airplane Chronicles, in January, but we've not heard a whole lot of anything from it, and we've certainly not been given many MP3s to download and enjoy during the massive hype build-up over the past month or so. While I've a bit of a personal disdain (sorry -- that's too harsh a word) for Aoki, I am envious of his networking skills and all around good ear, because wow, this album's got some good songs on it, many of which have not been released, and several of which have been reworked by an Aoki-assembled all-star crew (from Spank Rock to Uffie to the Faint to Hot Hot Heat to Santo Gold to ... ach, why even try to name all the names on this thing!?

Anyway, I got four snippets off the new album today -- the first four tracks to be precise -- and thought I would share them with you all! I merged the files into one "sampler" MP3 for your listening pleasure (and since who really wants to just hear 30 seconds of any one song?), so download the thing below and be severely teased! The four tracks are listed after the jump!

Steve Aoki - Pillowface & His Airplane Chronicles (BBBD Sampler)

1) Refused - New Noise
2) Justice - Waters of Nazereth (Erol Alkan's Durr Durrrrrr Re-Edit) w/ Pase Rock's Guest Drop
3) Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are Rockstars w/ Spank Rock & Amanda Blank's Guest Drop
4) Services - Element of Danger (MSTRKRFT Remix) w/ Har Mar Superstar's Guest Drop