Le Volume Courbe

I think BBBD posted about Le Volume Courbe years ago, but frankly, we don't want to dig through the [embarrassing] archives. Maybe one of you long-term readers can vouch for us here ...

Anyway, Le Volume Courbe is the musical solo project of Charlotte Marionneau who moved from a small town in France to the big city of London over a decade ago. She got involved with a band, got frustrated with that, and embarked on her own career. With the support of big names like Mazzy Star and Kevin Shields, she began recording her own lo-fi folksy songs that draw heavily from both the punk movement/D.I.Y. aesthetic of the late-1970s and the original bedroom recording visionaries like the Velvet Underground (Nico and Reed in particular), maybe a little bit of Yoko Ono ... you get the idea.

She's definitely living in the wrong decade, or at least that's the impression I get after listening to her discography. Melancholy, moody, and brooding songs that are made especially catchy and addictive because of the tremendous care and delicate skill invested in the meticulous songwriting and craftsmanship.

Anyway, enough with my blabbing. Listen to the new single, "Freight Train" -- out now on Trouble Records (get 'em while supplies last!) -- and find out the genius that is Le Volume Courbe for yourself!

Le Volume Courbe - Freight Train


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elizabeth cotton!