Marit Bergman

While Marit Bergman (MySpace) has been doing the solo thing for five years or so now and made all the "prerequisite" band rounds (from Candysuck to My Orchards Chihuahua), I, unfortunately, only came upon her a few weeks ago.

The Swedish pop singer released I Think It's a Rainbow last year in Europe, but has been getting some notice Stateside for infectious breed of Swedish-infused poper-pop. "No Party" -- the strongest and catchiest song on the LP -- has been remixed several times (you can grab the stupendous remix by the Field below) and was one of the hits at SXSW this year (yeah, I'm behind, okay?) ...

Hopefully we'll all be able to stock up on Marit's releases soon enough, but for now, just get your head bobbin' to the tunes below. Lots of fun.

Marit Bergman - No Party (the Field Remix)

Marit Bergman - No Party


Anonymous said…
thank you for that field remix. i like the original but that was an amazing makeover! field is a great artist. sweden rules or something like that!
Unknown said…
where can i purchase The Field remix of No Party? or is it unreleased?