Los Angeles' HEALTH (MySpace) is, simply put, a phenomenal band, and one on a major roll at that. Not only have they impressed multiple continents with their eerily emotionally evocative, expertly crafted noise-rock, gotten rave reviews all around (a 7.9 at Pitchfork does not come frequently), and still remained terribly humble and true to their craft, but they've also been feeding the dance music/club scene with a myriad remixes.

BBBD has posted many of these remixes (and there're even more now, to be found below!) and would like to think that it's one of the band's biggest supporters in the blog world, so of course, we're making you all aware of HEALTH // DISCO, a MySpace page devoted to the group's remix offerings, first!

HEALTH - Tabloid Sores (Nosaj Thing Remix)

HEALTH - Heaven (Narctrax Remix)

HEALTH - Heaven (Pink Skulls Remix)()


Anonymous said…
great remixes!