80kidz is another example of how the entire world has truly succumbed to the almighty greatness that is Justice. It's almost too east at present to say that any electronic dance act is somehow derivative of the Parisian duo. Without even hearing an dance act, it's pretty safe to assume they'll sound like Justice in some way, shape, or form -- that's just the nature of the beast.

That being said, not everyone is explicitly copying the French: there're tweaks and alterations galore. Some shoot for more melody, others go for more abrasive sounds, more glitch, others still aspire for a more organic sound, one that's not so deeply rooted in a laptop setup. But however you approach the form of dance music at present, in the early 2000s, you'll wind up coming back to Justice, Ed Banger, and all the French affiliates, from Teenage Bad Girl to Kavinsky. I don't get it, in all honesty, but I can dance to it, so maybe that's enough for now.

Anyway, sorry for all the long-winded posts!
80kidz is a Japanese outfit that sounds like an 8-bit Justice covers band or something. They're plenty good and loads of fun, but again, maybe it's just my pessimism, but they sound like someone else I know (grin). Anyway, you ought to listen to their stuff and judge for yourself.

80kidz - ALT A


Anonymous said…
definitely hear the Justice and Kavinsky - but more than anything they remind me of Ghosthustler at the beginning at least.

DOPE blog by the way, just found it tonight and spent like 20 minutes catching up. love the elephants track too. safe.