The Teenagers Get Remixed

Instant gratification here. Our favorite French pop trio, the Teenagers, just got remixed by Blamma! Blamma! and Connan & the Mockasins (MySpace) -- yeah, they can't spell/yeah, they're being cute. They are very good.

I'm hooked on the Conan remix in particular ... it's this Halloween-y, twee take on the original rawkier tune. Absolutely fantastic. Oh man, listen to it, please.

The Blamma! Blamma! mix is a little more traditional and little bit more like what you'd expect from the London outfit. Glitchy-as-hell club night hosted by the Teenagers or something. I like it, but right now, I'm really cold and it's sort of darker outside thanks to DSL ... and I'm just, frankly, not down with B! B! at present.

Woah! The Teenagers are recording with the Strokes' producer, Gordon Raphael!? What's happening!? I cannot wait for whatever it is.

the Teenagers - Starlett Johansson (Connan & the Mockasins Remix)

the Teenagers - Starlett Johansson (Blamma! Blamma! Scared of Spiders Mix)

the Teenagers - Starlett Johansson


CVAJ said…
Erm isn't the track called STarlett Johansson?

Big up Conan! Missing you here in NZ
Nicholas Mercer said…
shit, yer right ... how the hell did i miss that one so many times!? everything's been changed now, though (even the tags!) ... thanks for notifying me!
Anonymous said…
hey! please check out my Remix of Starlett Johansson by The Teenagers.

///Starlett Johansson (Chrome Kids Remix)///