The Whitsundays

A few days back, I was reading through my coveted copy of the fourth edition of The Trouser Press, which is, in my opinion, the definitive guide to alternative music spanning from the late 1970s (on occasion earlier; their not terribly rigid) to the early 1990s. I noted that there are currently a plethora of bands that mimic or parallel in sound the psychedelica or garage musics from the 1960s -- from Caribou to Panda Bear to Grizzly Bear to so many more -- and there are quite a few that splinter from most other genres (90s alternative, 70s punk, 50s rockabilly and original rock). But there aren't a whole lot that truly follow in the footsteps of New Wave originators (I'm talking more about Altered Images than Duran Duran here; Duran Duran, A Flock of Seaguls -- bands like those were derivative of true New Wave music). No one's recreating that clean yet thick and filtered bass anymore; no one's singing in that sharp, higher-register non-nasal voice; no one's embracing the clear, angular guitar lines sans pedals that Blondie and the like brought to popularity.

All I'm trying to say here is why is that!? I want to hear groups that sound like they're genuinely from 1980, 1981 ... so far, no cigar.

That being said (boy was that ever long-winded), the Whitsundays -- Friendly Fire Records' latest signing -- is a Canadian group that sounds like they literally traveled from 1967 to the present in a time machine. I've not heard a group that so aptly and true to form sounds like a 60s psychedelic outfit (think the Zombies, Love, the Byrds). Really phenomenal work! On top of the clearly distinguishable 60s psych-pop sound, there's an air of the folk music of the time ... a bit of Simon & Garfunkel or something (as one reader commented).

The debut eponymous LP will drop on January 22, so keep an eye out for that one (it will be awesome), but in the meantime, see how right I am with the following two tracks.

the Whitsundays - Sorry James

the Whitsundays - It Must Be Me


Anonymous said…
love the tracks.
but i hear even more than just 60s psych in these songs. simon and garfunkel! the strokes! the shirelles!
Anonymous said…
ooooh this is good!