They Came From the Stars, I Saw Them

Quite a mouthful that name, huh?
But They Came From the Stars, I Saw Them (MySpace) is truly one of the most wonderfully pleasant and exciting bands I've come across in the past weeks. They're undeniably a pop outfit, but their sound sounds like nothing else you've heard ... a serene musical concoction, equal parts Caribou, Four Tet, Negativland, and, of course, the Unicorns. They're a very curious band ... dozens of instruments, bizarre rhythms and beats (some electronic, some sampled, some live), nearing-cute vocal harmonies, a affinity for jazzier sounds and improvisations ...

Listen to their songs a couple times through and every note will sound just as fresh as it did when you first blasted it. You will be stumped by these Londoners, but completely and utterly enamored.

Unfortunately, though, they don't seem too keen on spreading digital audio around, so you'll have to sample to your heart's content over at their MySpace, here, or here!