Annuals @ the Troubadour, 11.15.07

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Very, very impressive. Annuals (MySpace) is a young band, a very confident and assured band ... a band that will win you over with their powerful exploding wall-of-sound style, decked out with World Music nods, grunge-era twists and turns, and a plethora of funky indie-rock ... that will instantly win you over whether you're listening to them on your stereo or -- if you're lucky! -- live where they will literally blow your socks off.

I've not seen such a vibrant band in a while. The North Carolina six-piece is definitely an unorthodox band. None of the ADD members stick with one instrument or role for more than a couple of songs, singer Adam Baker doesn't wear socks on stage, Donzel Radford is a guitar god in the making, and there're uh ... two drummers most of the time.

The bombastic set had few slow point, and when a slower song did pop up, the band quickly turned it around and delivered another heavy-hitting indie-rock anthem. I was impressed at how on everyone was: every member seemed genuinely happy and proud to be playing up on stage, none of them played any stray notes, no one lost steam ... it was a very, very strong delivery.

That being said, I wish Annuals had played a few more relaxed, chilled out songs. I know they've got them, but they just didn't end up delivering in that regard at the Troubadour. The almighty wall of sound can be dazzling and absolutely impressive, but it's too easy to wash away every glimmer or sophistication, tastefulness, and delicacy with such a musical tactic. That's my one complaint. I want to see Annuals take apart their songs, accentuate just the basic elements, and see what is yielded. I'm certain it would be just as catchy, unique, and bold as any tune off Be He Me or the new EP and 7". Their young, though, and probably a little hesitant to bare themselves like that. Anyway ... if you've the opportunity to see the Raleigh natives, do it!

Check out some pictures I took here or in the slide show after the jump!

Annuals - Carry Around

Annuals - Where Have You Been (Manchester Orchestra Cover)