Spiral Beach

Get ready for Spiral Beach (MySpace), a young Toronto quartet that just released their debut LP, Ball, as they will most likely be hyped to the extreme south of their border in the coming months.

Ball is a stumper. It's energetic and vital, certainly, but filled with so much flare and creative juices, that it's tough to classify solely as a dance record, indie-rock album, or anything else for that matter. "Teddy Black" sounds like a Cramps song remixed by some hot Parisian DJ crew; "Made of Stone" is an ethnic rock tunes -- like what would happen if David Byrne's World Music stash was stolen by and then regurgitated by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or something; "Red Shoes" is a garage thrashers/pub rocker; and everything in between and on the ends is just as different and unique as those three.

Another phenomenally creative and ingenious band that's really upping the anty for other up-and-comers. Wannabe hip groups be warned! Spiral Beach is tough, tough competition to live up to, will always be cooler and better than you, and so maybe you just should skip even trying to get that record deal. You'll be hooked on these Canadian in no time, too!

Spiral Beach - Teddy Black

Spiral Beach - Pedestrian

Spiral Beach - Red Shoes