Preacher and the Knife

Very little to actually report here, but very much to love. Preacher and the Knife (MySpace) is this new Brooklyn trio that, undeniably, will soon saturate the blog-o-sphere. You will hear these guys everywhere.

The guys play this creepy breed of post-punk that draws equally from Liquid Liquid's funky, heavy-on-the-cowbell aesthetic, Gang of Four's sharp, angular guitar accents, Adam & the Ants' tribal tendencies, and something sort of hymn-ish. It's like Professor Murder gone Nick Cave and produced by LCD Soundsystem.

It's really not even worth the attempting to explain. I've really got to get through this stuff, digest it, absorb it -- this is very good.

And while there're two songs available for download below, be sure to check out the super-simple band homepage as it features two more songs for download. Giving away the EP or something (the loonies ... )

Preacher & the Knife - Ghost House

Preacher & the Knife - The Cross
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