Slowmotion Club

"Swedish" has practically become a musical genre. Too many groups have been pigeonholed into the rather generic Swedish pop movement (if you could call it a movement, or a unified one), and it's sort of a shame. It's almost assumed that a new Swedish group will sound similar to one of its many predecessors.

So it's always a pleasant surprise to find someone or some group that proves the "rule" and generalization wrong. Slowmotion Club (MySpace) is one such group. Aside from being from Lund (huh?) as opposed to Gothenburg or Stockholm, these guys sound little like most of the other Swedish pop groups you all know ...

At times, they sound sort of like a lo-fi Radiohead, at others, more like the Pixies gone folk or something. Everything's very serene, very acoustic and lo-fi, and very charming, if not a little too sad for me to handle more than a few songs worth of.

Check out two tracks from their EP, Tiny Dots, below!

Slowmotion Club - The Gun In God's Hand

Slowmotion Club - Parliament Square