The Elephants

The Elephants (MySpace) is just another illustration of how we've been paying too much attention to Sweden and that country's music scene when we should've been dedicated at least one eye and ear to Denmark. Sure, there have been a handful of Danish bands that got some Stateside hype, but it hasn't been enough!

The Elephants pull from the usual influences -- Brian Wilson, jangly guitar pop, maybe a little baroque pop here and there -- but mash everything up into this delightfully catchy and fun potpourri of eclectic pop styles. Enough hand claps, cute female harmonies, and memorable choruses to appease the inner-Swede in you, but a plethora of unique characteristics -- namely the Dylan-esque folk-pop elements and the old-fashioned rockabilly crooner vibe the vocalist gives off and that is supplemented by the soft-spoken string arrangements -- that will surely make them stand out to anyone.

You might be able to buy the phenomenal debut eponymous LP here, at the Tapete Records, but I've no confirmation of that ... for the time being, just love this one track.

the Elephants - Obvious