Primary 1

I've found my newest British infatuation: Primary 1. The Londoner makes these super-sexy, sort of sleazy funk tracks with a stripped down minimalist vibe. Every note, every beat, every synth swoosh and cadence is absolutely meant to be there, and I really like that. This guy clearly takes his craft seriously and obviously consciously constructs every track.

He's got a single for "Hold Me Down" being released on Phantasy Sound (the same label that brought us LA Priest's "Engine"), has a bunch of killer demos on his MySpace page, and did a phenomenal, sort of Oriental-themed remix of buzz band Operator Please's "Leave It to Me."

Keep an eye on this guy. He'll only get hotter.

Primary 1 - Princess (Demo)

Operator Please - Leave It to Me (Primary 1 Remix)


Anonymous said…
The Operator Please song is actually called "Leave It Alone."