West Indian Girl LP/T-Shirt Giveaway

West Indian Girl (MySpace) is what would happen if the sublime indie-rock opuses of Annuals were re-written for a psychedelic pop outfit with U2-like arena rock aspirations and a tendency to write saturated anthems rather than all-over-the-map rock experiments. They're big, they're catchy, and they're absolutely exploding with creativity ... but they somehow keep it all contained and collected, yielding nuggets of pure joy and happiness, all of which are hard to turn down.

Download "To Die In LA," from the new album, 4th & Wall, below just in case you're not convinced by my text description.

We've a copy of the LP and a super awesome Tank Theory t-shirt to give away to one lucky reader. If you think you're that lucky person, please email bibabidi@bibabidi.com with the subject WEST INDIAN GIRL MAKES MY HEART SKIP A BEAT and we will select, at random, one winner next Thursday.

Check out a picture of the shirt after the jump if you're too lazy to click on the above link (although I suppose both options will involve a click). Good luck to you all!

West Indian Girl - To Die In LA