The Delinquent, the Hipster, & the Square

We tend to avoid non-music-related topics here at BBBD, but today we've found an exception.

DHS (the Delinquent, the Hipster, and the Square), is an upstart fashion label that was officially formed in Los Angeles last year, although it's been in the developmental stages since the beginning of the millennium. High in concept (re: the above film, based on a play that was written by the christian Right in the 1950s), minimalist in design, sophisticated in style, DHS is a brand that you all should keep your eyes on.

Check out the above video -- it's certainly worth your time -- and if that doesn't hook you on the clothes (a sort of unique melding of Commes des Garcon and Dior Homme), then explore the homepage for a bit as it's jammed with line sheets, a manifesto, falsified, arty reviews, and plenty of other high brow expressions of form and style.

The future of DHS is up in the air, but that's the exciting part of it all. You may see the brand open up a pop-up store in your neighborhood or be surprised to see it in the pages of the next issue of Purple. We're all wondering what the future holds ... support now, be in on it before DHS hits the tipping point.