New Pandatone, Free EP

Pandatone, a BBBD favorite and owner/proprietor of Music Related Trevor Sias' solo act, just released a new free EP, What Has Nature Done For Me Recently EP on the digital-only imprint label Creation Centre.

That was a lot of plugs, geez! But the EP is most definitely worth mentioning. It's a collection of rarities and unreleased tracks, some of which I'm assuming date back quite a few years, while others are more recent (circa Happy Together) all of which date back to 2006 or before. They're all great songs, though ... from the glitchier "Wondering" to the serenely dazed space-pop tune "Only to Sleep In" to the surprise lo-fi bedroom recording, "Two Piece (feat. Michi)" (Michi is from the wicked awesome Japanese pop/punk trio MacDonald Duck Éclair) ... the record is showcase of how damn good Mr. Sias has gotten! He's developed a more confident and stronger voice that's reminiscent of Thom Yorke on a rainy, slow day; he's become infinitely more comfortably with the recording, mixing, and producing process, elegantly layering simplistic loop upon loop, dropping in and intertwining supportive melodies and riffs; he's become a bona fide recording artist and no longer just sounds like he's making music as a hobby he doesn't wholeheartedly pursue.

So I'll cut this post off with a big Congratulations! -- Pandatone has only a bigger and better future ahead. Check out a couple songs from the new EP below and then head over here to download the thing in its entirety!

Pandatone - Only To Sleep In

Pandatone - Two Piece (feat. Michi)