Peggy Sue & the Pirates

Touring with budding starlet Kate Nash and being compared to the Moldy Peaches and Billie Holiday alike, Peggy Sue & the Pirates (MySpace) seem bound for their own stardom and a leap from their MySpace fame to real-world celebrity.

The Brighton-based lo-fi pair sound like Vaudeville bedroom recordings or swing music recorded on a four-track -- it's soft-spoken but with a backbone that's both sophisticated and reverent to the popular music of old (does that sound awkward?) ...

These girls have great chops, can carry a dance-y tune with nothing more than a single guitar strum, have some of the wittiest, sharpest lyrics around, and project a modest and humble personableness that's rare and hard to come by.

Stream the a-side off their single below, grab an old track, too, and single.

Peggy Sue & the Pirates

Peggy Sue & the Pirates - Superman


dalston shopper said…
I don't know how you do it, but such a great selection of music that's new and hard to find on the other blogs.
Anonymous said…
Hey there, noticed you are a Peggy Sue fan, thought you would like to check out Arrica Rose, who just released a new album entitled, "La La Lost" on Poprock Records.
Here’s the myspace link: