Guns 'n' Bombs Interview (Part 1 of 2)

Guns 'n' Bombs have been slowly but surely quickly rising to international DJ stardom, and over at BBBD, we couldn't be the happier.

The duo just released a new Kitsune Records single with an album to come (although the label releasing that has not been confirmed yet). Be sure to check out their two mixes, but for now, just read on for the first installment of the exclusive BBBD Guns 'n' Bombs interview!

Q: Okay, so you two are from Los Angeles, but how'd you meet up? One of you is from IMAROBOT, the other a Chicago DJ …

A: We met over MySpace, Filip will deny it but he friend requested me and I went to look at his profile and saw that he had good taste in music, namely Anthony Rother, and that made me message him to ask him if he wanted to DJ my birthday party.

Q: "Nothing Is Getting Us" was your breakthrough. What was the process behind that and how did it take off!? Getting in all the clubs, getting picked up by Kitsune ... no small task!

A: Filip and I sat down and just tried to make a good club track and after we had finished it I sent a message to all my MySpace friends to check out my new music project and Gildas happened to be on my friends list and saw it and listened and was into it.

Q: You've toured quite a lot in the past couple of years ... where've these tours brought you and how're you received internationally? Any bizarre, out-there stories?

A: We’ve played every populated continent except Africa and South America, and its all been pretty good reception, especially in Japan and Australia, we’ve had nothing really bizarre happen to us yet, but of course we have nightmare travel schedules that include little to no sleep, like the last time we were in France during the transit strike and it took us an entire day to find a way from Lyon to Barcelona that included crossing the entire country twice.

Q: You've also done a tremendous number of remixes. How do those come about and why do you do so friggin' many!?

A: I don’t think we do that many, it probably comes out to one a month if that? Initially we asked friends if we could do remixes for them and after that we started to get offers based on the strength of the remixes we had already done.

the Teenagers - Homecoming (Guns 'n' Bombs Remix)


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Anonymous said…
Nice Q & A. I've just done my own with the band The Hair. An indie band from Yorkshire, UK. Gonna upload it to my blog real soon. Good to see other blogs doing the same...and with real cool guys like Guns N Bombs. They're superb. Thanks
Brighton, UK