Wild Sweet Orange EP Giveaway

While most of you will be reading this early in the morning, around lunch break, or sometime during the workday, I'm writing it at night time, wrapped in darkness and quite aside from this music. And it's just perfect. Wild Sweet Orange, a Birmingham, Alabama indie-rock group, write these massive, immaculately arranged, delicate opuses made for those times we're feeling a little slow or a little moody or maybe just a little overwhelmed.

So I recommend listening to the below song, off the Canvasback Music-released EP, The Whale, at home, during a moment of peace and quite. It'll work. (And hey, it worked from Grey's Anatomy ... )

Anyway, we've got a copy of the EP to give away to one of you lucky winners so send an email to bibabidi@bibabidi.com with the subject WILD SWEET ORANGE IS THE SWEETEST THING and we'll select one special reader next week as the recipient of this special release!

Wild Sweet Orange - Wrestle With God