It's happened again! I've found a new band to hail unquestioningly, listen to 24/7, praise to something mightier than myself for ... Cowtown (MySpace) is the name of the band, and with all sincerity, I hope they change your world, too.

The Leeds group is a dazzling amalgamation of literally everything I love about music. There's noise-pop elements that remind me of Deerhoof, de-evolved rock that must be part DEVO, bits of crazed spastic punk that immediately reminds me of like, Melt Banana, some Red Krayola (maybe?), definitely a bit of Mark E. Smith/the Fall, too -- everything! Everything, I tell you! But it's all constructed in this fantastically wacky and skillful manner that there's no denying the band's originality and pure creative genius.

They are wonderful. Crank these tunes up, do the Malfunctioning Robot Rawk Dance (yes, I made that one up), stream the whole LP here, and buy the album! Please, go out and buy it now. Twelve mind-warping, face-melting, foot stomping jams that will hook you in and never let you go ...

Cowtown - Curtis Tigers!

Cowtown - Part Man, Part Machine, All Cop

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Anonymous dan said...

i'm goin' down to cowtown, cow's a friend of mine....

Blogger nik mercer said...

i wonder if TMBG was the inspiration ...


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