The Glamour Remixed by Audioporno

the glamour
Milwaukee, Wisconsin ... how did two spectacular DJs pop up in ... Milwaukee of all places?! For months and months, years and years, we're hearing, Chicago, Detroit, NYC, Los Angeles ... Milwaukee!

But hey -- a similar thing happened with Prince in Michigan, right? Gotta give the Glamour some cred! A lot of it! They've been doing stuff since 1999, although it wasn't until last year that they really kicked off and made something of themselves. Now I'd be lost without their poppy and fun dance-electro tunes. They're a comfortingly accessible style that is missed now that everything's gone back to -- essentially -- drum 'n bass. Heavy beats, thick bass lines, little alteration, and an overall pretty boring development and style. Throb, throb, throb.

Anyway ... Audioporno -- the Swiss DJ duo -- just recently remixed "Get In To It," and it's pretty rad! Glitchy and itching-ly dance-y, it's a fantastic remix of the original. Check it out below!
the Glamour - Get In To It (Audioporno Remix)


Asher Diamonds said…
That's the first time I've heard the final mix. We love it! Thanks for the plug!!!