Friendly Fires Remixed

Friendly Fires is what would happen if you combined fruity disco dance music with sharp and clean post-punk. A fantastic sound ... one that's instantly hooky, warm, and summery in cases, yet really to-the-point as well. No ridiculous guitar solos, no lengthy drum fills, no nonsense. "Paris" is a wonderful song, but really, all the British trio's tunes are ...

"On Board" is a funkier, LCD Soundsystem-inspired that was just remixed by Nic Nell, a London casio-obsessed singer/songwriter/DJ of sorts. Everything he makes on his own sounds introspective and a little tense, offset by jumpy drum machine generated beats and spastic melodies. I sort of like the stuff. Anyway, like I said, he just did a remix for Friendly Fire's "On Board" and it's pretty jumpy and glitchy, but that sultry bass line keeps the thing going real strong.

Friendly Fires - On Board (Nic Nell's N-Tronica Remix)

Friendly Fires - Paris

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Blogger Paul said...

Do you know where you can buy the track Paris from? Can't seem to find it anywhere.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Right Click

2. Save Target As


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