Woo! New Vincent Vincent & the Villains

vincent vincent & the villains
My favorite 50s British Invasion group that never was, Vincent Vincent & the Villains (MySpace) has a few more soul-, blues-, and gospel-infused old-fashioned rock tunes that are just wonderful.

Vincent Vincent has been around for a while now ... they did a bunch of demos a few years back, a couple musical-inspired music videos involving dancing walls and pens, a hokey police chase, and many other light-hearted theatre-like gags with eye shadow and blush to match, and finally wrote up a press release stating that a full-length is on its way and will be delivered to us (thank God!) by EMI.

Boy oh boy I cannot wait. For now, let's enjoy the two newbies -- "Bad Boy" and "Sweet Girlfriend" -- and remember how charming a song "I'm On My Own" is (and view the new video after the jump)!

Vincent Vincent & the Villains - Bad Boy

Vincent Vincent & the Villains - Sweet Girlfriend

Vincent Vincent & the Villains - I'm On My Own
"On My Own" Video