The Black Ghosts

The Black Ghosts (MySpace) sound instantly recognizable ... why is that? Ahhh ... the vocals. And indeed, the duo is comprised of Theo Keating and Simon Lord ... of Simian fame, and yes, he was the contributing vocalist for Simian's "Never Be Alone"/Justice's remix called "We Are Your Friends." Small world, eh?

So you've most likely heard the Blacks Ghosts somewhere, although you might not be as hip to them as the other Simian off-shoot, Simian Mobile Disco's grody hits like "Hustler." The duo's been cranking out killer club track after killer club track, though, and deserves all the attention your ADD mind is willing to give them. The group released the EP Any Way You Choose to Give It on L.A. favorite I Am Sound Records (you can pick up the digital or CD version here), and it's quite a treat. The Black Ghosts combine Simian's psych-pop haze with uber-funky, get-down-and-bogey club beats and bass lines. And of course Simon Lord's still dishing out his instantly recognizable, quirky vocal talents. The pair is not to be missed so hop on that bandwagon!

Over at BBBD, we're a little too cool to settle only for the songs on the EP, though, so below you'll find the hefty extended mix of the exquisite "Any Way You Choose to Give It," the Whip's rawkin' remix, and the Boy 8 Bit Dub. Fun fun, guys!

the Black Ghosts - Any Way You Choose to Give It (Extended Mix)

the Black Ghosts - Any Way You Choose to Give It (the Whip Remix)

the Black Ghosts - Any Way You Choose to Give It (Boy 8 Bit Dub)


Anonymous said…
nice tracks.
what does the extra "B" in BBBBD stand for?
Anonymous said…
i assume it stands for BYOBB
major iTunes said…
Boy 8 Bit @ iTunes: