Raveonettes Demos

I unfortunately missed the Raveonettes (MySpace) when they were here on Saturday for the Detour Festival (only the second time I've planned on seeing them only to miss the show in the past year), but was pleasantly surprised to find four new demos that I'm assuming will all be released in a polished form on their forthcoming Lust Lust Lust LP.

The tracks are wonderful. Absolutely dazzling. This new album will be the best yet, I'm certain. The NYC/L.A.-by-way-of-Denmark duo has refined their sound to a sort of shoegaze/wall-of-noise (think My Bloody Valentine)/50s & 60s rockabilly that melts -- literally melts -- together in this sublime and utterly at peace way.

"With My Eyes Closed" sounds like a straight-up slow-dance rock tune from a late-50s prom, "Lust" a masterfully crafted ode to the Jesus & Mary Chain, all at once distant and removed yet wrapped in a wall of serene feedback and accented with a crisp, jangly guitar hook. The same goes from "Blush," a slightly faster reproach to "Lust." "Black Satin" is this organically constructed M83 take on something you could believe Peter Bjorn & John would've written.

All in all, these four tunes are amazing. Absolutely the band's masterpiece. Grab 'em!

the Raveonettes - Lust (Demo)

the Raveonettes - With Eyes Close (Demo)

the Raveonettes - Blush (Demo)

the Raveonettes - Black Satin (Demo)