Blood On the Wall, Out from Hibernation

blood on the wall
Brooklyn's Blood On the Wall (MySpace) will be releasing the follow-up to 2005's Awesomer, Liferz, on January 22. So we've got a wee bit longer to wait, but as long as the Social Registry keeps throwing great mp3s at us -- like "Hibernation" -- I think we will be able to bear it.

From the sound of "Hibernation," this LP (the trio's third -- ooooh, a triptych in there somewhere! if only there were triplets) will be a little more punk, but by punk here I mean the sort of music that would be made if Thurston and Kim joined Pavement and played Nirvana covers.
Maybe that's a really dumb way to put it ...
Anyway, listen to "Hibernation."

Blood On the Wall - Hibernation