Murcof (MySpace) is Fernando Corona's latest moniker. The Tijuana, Mexico native's musical style is heavily rooted in the classical and minimalist worlds, both of which he's explored over his career in a very experimental manner.

Cosmos is his third album as Murcof, and it's quite a phenomenal piece. Although it was originally intended to be an EP, Corona became so mesmerized with his own grandiose work that he delved further into the compositions and wound up producing a full-length album which was released on The Leaf Label on September 17. The recordings are a compounding of live orchestral sounds and electronic filtering, manipulating, looping, and re-constructing with the intention of "expanding the possibilities of acoustic instruments through electronics." Quite a lofty aim, but I'd say it was met aptly. More than aptly.

"Cosmos I" sounds like Philip Glass's rendition of the 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack: dense and weighty orchestral melodies dragged out to infinity with an array of delicately sophisticated string loops that add to the cavernous, atmospheric quality and timbre of the piece. Absolutely gorgeous and chilling ...

Corona has transplated himself from Tijuana and now lives in Barcelona. That seems fitting to me for some reason ...

Murcof - Cosmos I