The Go! Team @ the Ex Plx, 10.21.07

BIBABIDI's trying something new for this concert post: video.
We filmed bits and pieces of last night's Go! Team (MySpace) for your viewing pleasure and archival purposes.

Wow, what a charismatic and absolutely charming band! You know how a lot of singers will egg the crowd on by saying things like, "Alright people! I need to see some bodies moving!" and "Yeah, okay! Let's dance!" and stuff like that? But it never really works? Well, somehow the Go! Team's Ninja achieved the impossible and literally made everyone at the Ex Plex last night break it down. In unison. Waving hands in the air, twisting, turning, shouting ("GO! TEAM"), all that good stuff.
So that's the setting, the atmosphere, the overall vibe. Keep that in mind as it's what made the actual material so enjoyable.

Aside from being extremely energetic on stage (Ian really likes his harmonica; the girl guitarist/bassist/keyboardist likes to jump; Ninja was a cheerleader in her previous life), the quintet was really on the ball ... no missed notes, no off-key harmonies, no screwy drumming (in fact, the drummer chick had a headset on, maybe to make doubly sure she was keeping time to the best of her ability), no nonsense. I loved it.

Oh, and the set was fantastic, too. They played enough of the old stuff to keep die-hard fans happy while sprinkling in loads of the recent material to keep the newbies dancin' ...

Overall, quite a wonderful show: (1) Ninja as cheerleader/puppeteer, (2) Ian as harmonica virtuoso, (3) entertaining, jumpy band, (4) entertaining, jumpy, non-irritating crowd ...
Ahhhh, that was cool.

the Go! Team - We Just Won't Be Defeated (Live)