Tender Forever Gets Wider

The wonderful K Records solo artist Tender Forever is about to release a follow-up album to The Soft and the Hardcore called Wider.

This time, instead of pursuing that ultra lo-fi campy sound, Melanie Valera has widened (get it?) or broadened her horizons and sounds sort of like what would happen if the Blow covered Feist or something: there's still an element of cuteness and quirkiness, but now everything's been cleaned up, spruced up, really produced in a studio rather than -- I'm assuming a lot here -- a four-track recorder in Ms. Valera's bedroom. Or around some campe fire?

It's a great album, though ... more colorful and maybe optimistic whereas the last release was more contained and pensive. I like hearing something bright and happy, though, when fall rolls around. It's cold outside, and seeing Tender Forever's press photos and gettin' down to her minimalist jams is all I want ...

Tender Forever - Heartbroken Forever

Tender Forever - How Many

Tender Forever - If I'm Weird I Want to Share (from The Soft and the Hardcore)