Former Unicorn Debuts New Band, Clues

Many of you know about this by now, but Alden Penner (I wish he'd kept the Alden Ginger pseudonym) -- the little, pale, pasty ex-Unicorn -- has formed a new band called Clues.
1. the Unicorns are my favorite band
2. Alden Penner/Ginger was in the Unicorns
3. Alden Penner/Ginger was an integral part of the group
4. Anything that Alden does post-Unicorns is phenomenal/will become my favorite band
Per usual, everything surrounding Clues in shrouded in a mysterious darkness, whispered rumors, and hyped-up concerts, namely Clues' live debut at Pop Montreal. After the jump, you can view nearly seven minutes of the debut show. I like the cape. I like the new music a lot ... it's more composed, more orchestrated, more eloquent ... not just a bunch of three-chord guitar hooks. No, this sounds like baroque pop at times, then at others, like ... *sob* the Unicorns. Sorry, you can't deny the connection. It sounds exactly like what they'd be making these days ... the start-stop thing, the abrupt, sharp hooks, the short little spastic jams ... ohhh, man.

Yeah, I'm verklempt. Just listen to the sampler and check out the video. It's neat.

Clues, Rad Boo Horror & the Glory Preview


Anonymous said…
Thank you thank you.

fantastic blog, by theway.
Anonymous said…
love their music.