Franz Ferdinand Contribute "No" to Worried Noodles

David Shrigley's Worried Noodles book and compilation CD is quite a trip. The double-disc set features thirty-nine artists, all of whom are really good, and most of whom wrote or reinterpreted songs for David Shrigley. How'd the guy do it!? How'd he get Hot Chip, Franz Ferdinand, Grizzly Bear, Tussle, Islands ... all those guys to pool together and make this ridiculously cool comp!?

And then get together for a show?

And then he decides to reprint the original compilation-less book with the set and ... ach, too much. But I can't get enough of it, all thirty-nine tracks ... I keep putting this thing on repeat and now I've heard the word "no" literally 1,238,097 times. I kid you not.

Here's Franz Ferdinand's take on "No." I dig.

Franz Ferdinand - No


Anonymous said…
Brilliant, cheers for uploading it, it's such a crap song but I love it. It's basically Brown Onions but with No said over and over.