The Teenagers Prep Many Things!

Remember the Teenagers? The buzzword of early late 2006/early 2007? Well they've all but disappeared (thank God!) and are back, ready to serve us up a single of a touched-up and re-recorded version of "Scarlett Johansson," a single of remixes through Kitsune Records, and finally cross the Ocean for a N. American tour in January! Woo!

So I'm sure I'll be discussing the Parisian trio quite a bit more in the coming months as I must see them live when they're at the Echo on January 22.

Anyway, the below "Homecoming" remix is pretty great ... the infectious bass line's stays pretty much intact, but the vocals are all sped up, re-sampled at a much higher BPM, and mixed up, at least at the beginning. And you can't say no to hand claps (or maybe hand clap-esque drums, I guess). Stream the new single version of "Scarlett Johansson" below, too. It's way cleaner and sharper, but still just as much goofy fun as the demo that won us all over ...

the Teenagers - Scarlett Johansson

the Teenagers - Homecoming (Gentlemen Drivers Rave Remix)